MAKE THE DAY Summer holiday tour 2005


Thursday 18.08.

We were ready to take of at 8 in the evening. The night-liner was packed and we were about to leave heading east. After running up and down the house all day we finally took our seat and logged on to the road. After a three hour ride we ran out of piwo and stopped at Erfurt to stock up on our supplies. It´s a small world – here we met the ex- roommate of Tim´s sister on the way to some festival. So we had a smoke and got back on the road.

The following part of the journey really turned out to be a road movie.

 Friday 19.08.

When the day broke, everything around us had changed. No more motorways, for now we saw endless avenues, lined by trees – sleepy houses in the open country; villages; suburban hell; traffic; cool old cars and drunken bikers.

We arrived at Iława at about 10 in the morning. The fellows had already started equipping the amphitheatre for the show and it turned out to be a sunny blue skied day. Having checked in at our bungalows, we went to the piwobar and chased the afternoon away.

IławSKA fama rock festival is really unique. Especially if it is your first polish party you have to get used to the prohibition. So most of the  crowd wass already drunk when showing up at the concert. I wonder what it is about, that they were dancing like hell –believe me, they really know how to shake, pogue and ramble…respect; friends, you really ´ve got it!

After the concert a bunch of about 106 party people went to the beach. They never made it, and so it happened that during the night lake Iława was surrounded by  1500 meters of excessive party.  - Let´s bang the bitch on the bench at the beach – benches, there´re a lot …

Saturday 20.08. (erased) 

Round 3a.m nearly everyone could remember his name. Still sunny the day, hungry the musicians; Piwo; chillin´; swimming; no time for a hangover

Beachparty, Houseparty, Streetfight; walk to the beach; party at the bungalows; djembejam; police; piwotaxi, fell asleep 

Sunday 21.08.

At brunchtime a lot of friends showed up at our bungalows. They wanted us to play a second gig. Connections are everything, and so some red haired angel arranged the most amazing club  we had ever been to. The concert had been set up four hours before its start, but Fatamorgana-Club was crowded like the morning tram; water rushed down the walls and after five minutes we had to get rid of our clothes. –never had anything like that before …

Frightened because of all this fame and honors we left the town imediately.

Monday 22.08.

When we arrived at the Baltic sea, the streets of Łeba were already filled with people, stall & chikas. On a tiny camp yard we put up our tents and had a walk to the beach. Really we enjoyed spending time together…walk along the shoreline…ships…waves…overcrowded beaches…summer fair…fun… nightlife…disco fever…vodka & apple juice…

Tuesday 23.08.

After having breakfast there was this lazy feeling which lasted till the early evening hours. There were too many peoples around this place. We had party for the last couple of days and all we needed now was a place to come down. We threw our garbage back into the car and took the plunge.

It was about midnight when we arrived at Berlin and checked in at our hotel @ bahnhof zoo.

This night is ours, so we played a party of pool in the lobby and vanished into the night. 

Wednesday 24.08. 

When the  waiter swept us out of the club we were hit by a bright flash of light, which turned out to be the morning sun.  Breakfast, shower, Pool, sightseeing- an einem morgen im august- Alex - kulturbrauerei – knaak – sommerhof – roosis –

Berlin;  we´ll  come back some time… 

Thursday 25.08.

To get from Berlin to Dresden takes you about three hours. So when we arrived in the city also known as Elbflorenz it must have been about two in the morning. Unfortunately, Dresden had already been closed. We didn´t meet one soul but none, walked empty roads, saw dead black stones exhibitioned at night. No need to stay , so when we arrived at Praha the day was still young and the way of this city really turned us on. From the hotel to the city it was only about five minutes of metrodiving. Really lively place, pimps, bitches, kafkaesk, historical,

 Art Noueau, cheap but expensive 

Friday 26.08.

A dAy full of Praha

Nights in Absinth

Saturday 25.08.

It took us  a while to travel the 200 km east and find Chrudim but when we saw what went on at the festival we were relieved. The Underground Foodball Match really stood for it´s name. Two matches a time spread over the hole day. We rested our tired bones in the warm summer sun and enjoyed to be there.

Later this day the “stadion” was crowded by around 600 people, smoking, drinkin´, chasing around, laughing and partying altogether. Our gig turned out to be at three in the morning ,so when we went on stage, the audiance which still could stand upright was filled to the brim. So we played till everyone really was pissed and delirious. –wowh –although easy we could have played in the manschurei, no chance of  oral communicatin, people on trips, H @ alk, …are you experienced?

This Trip, short but true, was the ultimate experience our band has been through, so far…


Thanks and greetz to

Julia, Lukasz, Michael, Korsak, Kowal, Milosz, Frankichek, Honza, Fatamorgana club,        all iława, camping Łeba, airhockey, specjal, bvg, kelbasi,